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StreamSets DataOps Platform

Power your modern analytics and digital transformation with continuous data

Explore the StreamSets DataOps Platform

Speed data integration for data lakes and data warehouses and operationalize data management for change.

Control Hub

Data Collector

Execution engine for fast data ingestion: streaming, batch or CDC


Spark-native execution engine for ETL and machine learning

Design, deploy, monitor, and govern smart data pipelines at scale

More Details

Flexible Multi-cloud and Hybrid Deployment

Move easily between on-premises and multiple cloud environments without rework.

DataOps Platform For Amazon Web Services Cloud-native Data Integration
DataOps Platform For Microsoft And Azure Hybrid, Enterprise Data Integration
DataOps Platform For Google Cloud Platform Big Data Integration
DataOps Platform For Databricks, Spark, And Machine Learning
DataOps Platform For Snowflake For Cloud-native Data Integration And Modern Analytics
DataOps Platform For Cloudera Data Hub

Bring DataOps to Your Data Integration Practice

Detect and Respond to Data Drift

Traditional data pipelines break when the unexpected happens, and they are hard to move to new data processing and cloud platforms. Only StreamSets features smart data pipelines with built-in data drift detection and handling, and a hybrid cloud architecture, so that your operations run smoothly despite constant change.

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Detect And Respond To Data Drift

Design-Deploy-Operate Continuously

In a static data world, upfront developer productivity matters more than operations. In a continuous data world, operations is everything. Close the loop between operations and development with automation and collaboration across the design-deploy-operate lifecycle. StreamSets monitors data in flight to detect changes and predicts downstream issues to ensure continuous data delivery without errors or data loss.

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Automation And Collaboration To Design-deploy-operate Continuously

Go Fast and Be Confident

When your business moves fast on a traditional architecture, things break. But when you take your time, you fall behind. DataOps gives you end-to-end transparency across your data infrastructure, so you can detect emergent patterns and designs. A live data map, enforceable data performance SLAs, and data protection help you focus on making data reliable as your users experiment and innovate.

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DataOps Platform For Modern Data Integration

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