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StreamSets DataOps Platform

Power your modern analytics and digital transformation with continuous data

StreamSets Monitor Data Pipeline Video Screenshot

Our customers run millions of data pipelines using StreamSets


Spend More Time Doing and Less Time Fixing

Build, run, monitor, and manage smart data pipelines at scale from a single log in.

Single Experience for All Patterns

Quickly build and deploy streaming, batch, CDC, ETL/ELT and ML pipelines

Mission Control for Hybrid and Multi-cloud

Monitor and manage all your data pipelines from a single pane of glass

Smart Data Pipelines Built for Change

Keep jobs running even when schemas and structures change

Flexible Multi-cloud and Hybrid Deployment

Move easily between on-premises and multiple cloud environments without rework.

DataOps Platform For Amazon Web Services Cloud-native Data Integration
DataOps Platform For Microsoft And Azure Hybrid, Enterprise Data Integration
DataOps Platform For Google Cloud Platform Big Data Integration
StreamSets For Databricks
DataOps Platform For Snowflake For Cloud-native Data Integration And Modern Analytics
DataOps Platform For Cloudera Data Hub

Go from Designing Pipelines to Delivering Data at Enterprise Scale

Design, deploy, and operate smart data pipelines using StreamSets DataOps Platform.

10x Your Data Team’s

1 data engineer enables 10s of ETL developers to serve 100s of analysts

Reduce Maintenance Time by 80%

Spend more time doing and less time fixing with automatic updates and no rewrites

Eliminate Blindspots and Control Gaps

Global transparency and control of all data pipelines at scale across hybrid and multi-cloud

What Our Customers Say

StreamSets has led to an explosion of user adoption, excitement around data that we’ve never seen before, and real business results.

Darren Delsol, Client Lead, BT Group

“When an agency wants to switch endpoints, they don’t have to redo the whole pipeline. All they have to do is change the origin.”

Sagar Mangam, Avaap for State of Ohio

How StreamSets DataOps Platform Works

StreamSets separates the data plane from the control plane. You can process data anywhere with a single log in to manage and view all your data execution engines across hybrid and multi-cloud platforms.

Control Hub

Build, run, monitor, and manage smart data pipelines at scale

Data Collector Engine

Streaming, CDC, or batch ingest data pipelines

Transformer Engine

Spark-native execution engine for ETL and machine learning

What Is a DataOps Platform? And, Why Now?

A DataOps platform helps operationalize data integration to deliver continuous data to every part of your business in the face of constant change.

Cloud Native Integration To Migrate From On-premises To AWS

You depend on data that you can’t control.

Data fueling your business today comes from a wide range of internal and external sources. You have to detect and respond to change by design to keep up.

Cloud Native Integration To Move Any Data Into Redshift

You need data now, not later.

Say “yes” to more sources and destinations. If you can’t deliver the data to power real-time analytics, machine learning and AI, your data consumers will find a way around you.

Cloud Native Integration For Databricks And Snowflake On AWS

Your digital transformation is happening now.

StreamSets DataOps Platform helps your whole team migrate to modern cloud platforms and keep systems in sync.

Ready to Get Started?

We’re here to help you start building pipelines or see the platform in action.

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