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StreamSets DataOps Platform

Power your modern analytics and digital transformation with continuous data

Choose Modern Data Integration

StreamSets DataOps Platform assumes change by design so you can bridge the gap between legacy and modern platforms, accelerating your digital transformation.

Control Hub

Data Collector

Execution engine for fast data ingestion: streaming, batch or CDC


Spark-native execution engine for ETL and machine learning

Design, deploy, monitor, and govern smart data pipelines at scale

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Flexible Multi-cloud and Hybrid Deployment

Move easily between on-premises and multiple cloud environments without rework.

DataOps Platform For Amazon Web Services Cloud-native Data Integration
DataOps Platform For Microsoft And Azure Hybrid, Enterprise Data Integration
DataOps Platform For Google Cloud Platform Big Data Integration
StreamSets For Databricks
DataOps Platform For Snowflake For Cloud-native Data Integration And Modern Analytics
DataOps Platform For Cloudera Data Hub

Operationalize Your Data Management

Speed Digital Transformation

Enable more data workers to build pipelines in minutes with visual, full-lifecycle tools for designing, operating, managing and optimizing data pipelines across your enterprise. Developers and data engineers alike can collaborate across all lifecycle stages, all design patterns, and all cloud platforms, so organizations can adapt easily with agile use and reuse of skills and assets. 

Watch: Modern Data Integration Using Data Collector
Detect And Respond To Data Drift

Manage Data Across Multiple Cloud Platforms

An architecture that is both platform-agnostic and legacy-friendly gives you maximum flexibility to work with modern data. The DataOps Platform provides a single view across all data operations, on premises or in the cloud. You can run development and production projects on multiple cloud platforms without rework to optimize decision making, and support different business requirements, keeping all your data fresh and synchronized across multiple platforms. 

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Automation And Collaboration To Design-deploy-operate Continuously

Embrace Change

StreamSets DataOps Platform abstracts away the complexity of modern data to deliver unmatched resiliency. Smart pipelines with data drift handing and end-to-end visibility, enable you to embrace change whether it is the result of a planned update or an unintended consequence. 

Watch: DataOps in Practice – Designing for Change
DataOps Platform For Modern Data Integration

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