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StreamSets + Snowflake: Accelerate, Simplify, Unlock

Accelerate data movement, simplify complex data transformations and unlock business value using StreamSets for Snowflake.

Enhance Analytics, Optimize Value by Migrating and Transforming Data Into Snowflake Through Intelligent Pipelines

Unleash the power of your Snowflake Data Cloud, increase adoption and empower your teams with StreamSets. Say goodbye to the complexity of multiple approaches and time-consuming context switching, and embrace a unified experience that supports all design patterns. With StreamSets, you gain access to powerful pre-built processors and custom expressors, as well as seamless integration with Snowpark for advanced data transformations using our Transformer for Snowflake. Experience automatic data drift detection, ensuring your analytics stay up-to-date with any changes in data or upstream systems. Boost productivity and streamline your data pipelines with StreamSets for unparalleled efficiency in making data-driven business decisions.

Premier Technology Partner with Snowflake

StreamSets is proud to be a Premier Technology Partner with Snowflake and has completed a 3rd party technical validation to confirm integrations with Snowflake are optimized with an emphasis on functional and performance best practices. 

StreamSets Transformer for Snowflake is built on Snowpark to enable both the expressiveness and flexibility of Snowpark’s multi-language support, as well as the simplicity of data cloud operations.

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Accelerate Your Snowflake Journey With StreamSets

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Transform Your Business With Snowflake Use Cases

Migrate Seamlessly to the Data Cloud

StreamSets Data Collector provides a seamless and secure solution for connecting new and legacy environments. With a centralized “mission control” for all your data environments, effortlessly navigate between the Data Cloud and on-premises systems. StreamSets’ intelligent pipelines excel in hybrid data integration environments, automatically adapting to evolving data formats and schemas (Data Drift), ensuring uninterrupted operations

Advanced Analytics & Reporting with Snowflake

Empower your organization to maximize the potential of the Data Cloud with StreamSets Transformer for Snowflake. Unlock a wide range of use cases, including financial regulatory reporting, ESG compliance, enhanced customer experiences, optimized marketing and advertising, advanced analytics, and sustainable long-term business growth.

Change Data Capture (CDC) to Snowflake

Effortlessly maintain data freshness and updates with continuous Change Data Capture (CDC) operations using StreamSets. Leverage our prebuilt CDC origins to seamlessly replicate data from your core systems into your Data Cloud platform, automating and simplifying the development of CDC operations.

Unleash the Potential of the Data Cloud With Simplicity at Its Core

Centralize All Your Data Pipelines and Gain Complete Visibility in a Single Location

Begin your journey swiftly with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that is easy to grasp. StreamSets provides built-in connectivity to seamlessly integrate with all your databases, messaging queues, legacy data stores, and operational systems, even including mainframes. Whether you’re dealing with structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data, StreamSets empowers you to effortlessly create batch, Change Data Capture (CDC), and streaming pipelines. With secure and hybrid environment-ready StreamSets engines, you can confidently build all your pipelines in a single location. Simply hit the run button and witness the magic unfold.

View Webinar: Truly Hybrid CDC Pipelines
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Enhance Your Data Ingestion with Intelligent, Resilient, and Reusable Pipelines

Effortlessly incorporate over 50 ready-to-use processors into your pipelines and seamlessly transform, structure, and enhance your data as it flows into Snowflake. StreamSets, with its intelligent capabilities, will automatically detect and adjust to data drift, significantly reducing pipeline disruptions by 80%. Simplify your workflow by creating templates and reusable pipeline fragments, enabling you to deploy common logic and pipelines hundreds of times with minimal code. Rest assured that your enterprise data is prepared for analytics, as it is efficiently ingested into Snowflake.

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Simplify and Operationalize Complex Data Transformations within Snowflake

StreamSets’ most recent update of Transformer for Snowflake further enhances user productivity, simplifies intricate data transformations, and enables self-service capabilities, thereby accelerating agile reporting, operational analytics, and advanced analytics utilizing Snowflake. With the latest release, you can effortlessly create data transformation jobs of any complexity. Integrate your own custom Python, Java, or Scala libraries seamlessly and execute them directly within Snowflake

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Pre-built connectors and cloud-native integrations make it easy to start and scale. 

sync to Snowflake Data Cloud from Oracle
sync to Snowflake Data Cloud from PostgreSQL
sync to Snowflake Data Cloud and Amazon S3
sync to Snowflake Data Cloud from MySQL
sync to Snowflake Data Cloud from JDBC
sync streaming data to Snowflake Data Cloud and Azure Data Lake
Whitepapers & Ebooks

Data Engineers Handbook for Snowflake

Solution Briefs & Infographics

Accelerate the Pace of Innovation With Snowflake Data Cloud and Snowpark


Lifting the Lid on the Hidden Data Integration Problem

Under-resourced technical teams struggle to keep up with business requests for data without ceding control, while business teams must have their data on demand to stay competitive. See solutions that reduce frustrations.
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