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Unleash Your Snowflake Data Pipelines

Unlock innovation in the Snowflake Data Cloud without ceding control.

Accelerate & Improve Analytics by Streaming Data into Snowflake with Smart Data Pipelines

Snowflake Data Cloud adoption is accelerating with use cases spanning basic reporting, advanced analytics, operational insight and data sharing. The diversity of your use cases, mounting requests, and new integrations makes it difficult to quickly provide the analytics your team needs to make data-driven business decisions.

As a Data Engineer, you are left relying on a wide variety of approaches, hand coding or simple one-pattern tools to support your integrations. Eliminate the noise and productivity-killer, context switching, with StreamSets.

StreamSets offers a single experience for all design patterns, powerful developer extensibility with pre-built processors and custom expressors, and further extensibility with Snowpark, enabling complex transformations on your data inside of Snowflake. Plus, any changes to the data or upstream systems is spotted with automatic, patented data drift capabilities.

Snowflake Data Cloud Partner
Snowflake Data Cloud Partner
Snowflake Data Cloud Partner
1 platform for streaming, batch, CDC
Migrate and sync across on-prem and cloud
Enable in-stream transformations and multi-table creation

Snowflake Analytics with Agility

All Your Data Pipelines & Visibility in One Place

Get started quickly with out-of-the box connectivity for your databases, data platforms, and operational applications. Create streaming, batch and CDC pipelines of any data type (structured, semistructured and unstructured) in one platform. Build your pipelines, hit run, and rely on StreamSets to automatically identify and adapt to schema changes. Finally, the visibility you need to track pipeline operations across all platforms and environments.

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Simplify Streaming To Snowflake Data Cloud

Pre-Built Processors & Custom Expressors for Extensibility

Drag and drop over 60 pre-built processors into your pipelines to format, shape, and enrich your data in stream. Incorporate your own custom libraries, code, and transformations with Custom Expressions. And, automatically spot changes to your data with patented data drift technology, reducing breakages by 80%. The result? Reliable, analytics-ready data in your downstream systems.

Operational Resilience Streaming Data Pipelines To Snowflake Data Cloud

Native Snowflake Snowpark Execution

Transformer for Snowflake makes advanced transformations and data processing in Snowflake possible. Design and run simple to complex transformations on your data right inside of Snowflake with an intuitive, visual design. Save time and money by running advanced data processing logic on your data without ever needing to extract it.

Hybrid And Multi-cloud Portability With Snowflake Data Cloud

See How StreamSets works with the Snowflake Data Cloud


Pre-built connectors and cloud-native integrations make it easy to start and scale. 

Sync To Snowflake Data Cloud From Oracle
Sync To Snowflake Data Cloud From PostgreSQL
Sync To Snowflake Data Cloud And Amazon S3
Sync To Snowflake Data Cloud From MySQL
Sync To Snowflake Data Cloud From JDBC
Sync Streaming Data To Snowflake Data Cloud And Azure Data Lake

Ready to Get Started?

We’re here to help you start building pipelines or see the platform in action.

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