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Exploring the StreamSets Platform

Join an upcoming session for a guided tour of the StreamSets Data Collector and Transformer for Snowflake

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The focus of these upcoming sessions will be on our Transformer for Snowflake offering which enables processing data using Snowflake’s Snowpark client libraries. Users can design and perform complex processing natively within their Snowflake environment without ever having to extract any data or write SQL queries.

Screenshot of StreamSets Transformer for Snowflake
Screenshot of StreamSets Transformer for Snowflake

The focus of these upcoming sessions will be on our Data Collector engine, a tool to build smart data pipelines for streaming, change data capture (CDC), and batch ingestion from a variety of data sources and destinations.

Built for Snowflake

StreamSets is a proud Snowflake Premier Technology Partner that maximizes your Snowflake investment.

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3rd party-validated integrations are optimized for functional and performance best-practices

StreamSets Transformer for Snowflake is built on Snowpark to enable the flexibility of Snowpark’s multi-language support and operations simplicity

How Leading Companies Are Benefitting

TechBridge Logo

StreamSets fits nicely into TechBridge’s overall database modernization. The team hosts a Snowflake database on AWS and is leveraging a database warehousing system that can be accessed by any data intake system.

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The StreamSets platform has allowed Ad Astra to continue focusing on higher education by providing an efficient means to ingest data, simplify their overall data operations, and reduce the burden placed on their development teams.

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