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DataOps Summit 2021: September 28-30

It’s Summer… And Even Data Engineers Need a Break

StreamSets News

When the full lifecycle of data integration matters as much as the initial implementation, and you are the data engineer responsible for end-to-end data do you take a vacation? Set yourself up with easy to build data pipelines. In the Year of the Data Engineer blog series, we’ve talked about how the best data engineers do more than build…

By June 30, 2021

The Sources And Destinations Podcast Episode #6 with Ahmed Elsamadisi

StreamSets News

We know, we know. We went a little long this time, but you are going to love every minute of this week's guest. This week we are so excited to host Ahmed Elsamadisi from Ahmed is the co-founder and CEO of, a startup that standardizes all data into a single format. He previously built out WeWork’s data infrastructure…

Announcing StreamSets Transformer Engine 4.0.0

Engineering, StreamSets News

StreamSets is excited to announce the immediate availability of StreamSets Transformer Engine 4.0.0. It is a modern ETL engine that enables developers and data engineers to build data pipelines and transformations that execute on Apache Spark. Highlights This is our biggest release ever and there are some great new features and enhancements included in this release—below I’ve reviewed some of…

By June 24, 2021

Introducing StreamSets Summer ‘21

Industry, StreamSets News

I would be lying if I said I planned for the introduction of StreamSets Summer ‘21 Beta to unfold exactly this way a year ago. But I won’t. A year ago, on this exact date, I joined the StreamSets team. I was excited about the opportunity at hand for StreamSets and hopeful about making a difference for our customers, partners…

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