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StreamSets for Snowflake

Modernize your analytics with streaming data into Snowflake Data Cloud

Simplify Streaming into Your Snowflake Data Cloud

The Snowflake Data Cloud offers scale and usability for your data so you can advance analytics use across the entire organization. Building out streaming, batch and CDC pipelines from diverse sources to Snowflake Data Cloud can get complicated fast.

With StreamSets, you no longer have to plan out your Snowflake schema design, simply connect via the pre-built destination and hit play. Take full advantage of all Snowflake has to offer with a single engineering platform to build smart data pipelines fast and extend with powerful in-stream transformations. 

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Snowflake Data Cloud Partner
Snowflake Data Cloud Partner
1 platform for streaming, batch, CDC
Migrate and sync across on-prem and cloud
Enable in-stream transformations and multi-table creation


Pre-built connectors and cloud-native integrations make it easy to start and scale. 

Sync To Snowflake Data Cloud From Oracle
Sync To Snowflake Data Cloud From PostgreSQL
Sync To Snowflake Data Cloud And Amazon S3
Sync To Snowflake Data Cloud From MySQL
Sync To Snowflake Data Cloud From JDBC
Sync Streaming Data To Snowflake Data Cloud And Azure Data Lake

Streaming Data to Snowflake Data Cloud

Snowflake Analytics with DataOps Agility

Stream Data into Your Snowflake Data Cloud

Smart data pipelines provide easy data ingest with powerful control for Snowflake. Clear your to-do list fast with a single visual UI for designing streaming, batch, and CDC pipelines. Extend your pipelines with powerful transformations, so you can deliver the most up-to-date and relevant data to your analysts and data scientists for real-time analytics and insights. Stay up to date with innovations such as Snowpark

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Simplify Streaming To Snowflake Data Cloud

Respond to Change with Pipeline Resilience

Bring the power of DataOps to your Snowflake Data Cloud. In-stream transformations land data in the best format for analytics. Use pre-built processors to mask, replace, and remove sensitive data, insert tables, and replace values, or build your own transformations. Built-in data drift detection and order handling deliver current and consumable data for analytics.

Operational Resilience Streaming Data Pipelines To Snowflake Data Cloud

Operate across Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

New data source? No problem. StreamSets smart data pipelines make it easy to get your data from anywhere to your Data Cloud and keep it in sync. Pre-built connectors and native integrations make it possible to build pipelines quickly. Intent-driven design and decoupled architectures mean you can easily add or change sources without rewriting.

Hybrid And Multi-cloud Portability With Snowflake Data Cloud

Ready to Get Started?

We’re here to help you start building pipelines or see the platform in action.

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