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StreamSets for Snowflake

Modernize your analytics with easy ingest and sync to Snowflake cloud data platforms

Jumpstart Your Snowflake Initiatives

You’re adopting Snowflake to make data warehousing as easy as 1-2-3. Getting data into Snowflake’s cloud data platform should be just as easy– whether you stream directly, leverage Snowpipe, or execute change data capture. 

Skip the schema build and complex setup, and go directly to high-performance dataflows from all your sources and legacy warehouses to Snowflake. 

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Migrate And Sync To Snowflake Cloud Data Platforms
Build smart data pipelines for streaming data without hand coding
Run natively on Spark for high performance ETL and data processing
Easily manage data drift with built-in detection and rule-based handling


Pre-built connectors and cloud-native integrations make it easy to start and scale. 

Sync To Snowflake From Oracle
Sync To Snowflake From PostgreSQL
Sync To Snowflake From Hadoop
Sync To Snowflake From MySQL
Sync To Snowflake From JDBC
Sync To Snowflake From Teradata

Snowflake Analytics with DataOps Agility

Simplify Your Cloud Data Platform

Take advantage of built-in transformation stages, change data capture (CDC) for major relational databases, and automation to simplify and speed your migration to Snowflake. Radically simplify complex evolving fields like slowly changing dimensions with automatic table and multi-table inserts, and full table creation for migrations.

Blog: Design Patterns for Slowly Changing Dimensions
Simplify Your Snowflake Cloud Data Platform

High Performance Cloud Sync

Streamline handling of unstructured, semi-structured, and multi-structured data for both synchronous and asynchronous ingestion methods. Automatically detect errors and performance bottlenecks. Enable continuous, high-throughput loading of pure inserts with integration with Snowpipe.

Watch: Change Data Capture for Snowflake with StreamSets
High Performance Cloud Sync With Snowflake

Detect and Respond to Data Drift

Many tools can get your data into Snowflake. But those data pipelines have low visibility, limited insights, and break when the unexpected happens. Only StreamSets features smart data pipelines with built-in data drift detection and handling so that your operations run smoothly despite constant change.

Watch: Avoid Data Drift in Your Cloud Data Warehouse
Detect And Respond To Data Drift In Snowflake

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