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StreamSets for Amazon Web Services

Bring DataOps agility to the power and scale of the AWS ecosystem with cloud-native integration

Orchestrate Your ETL and Analytics on AWS

Take advantage of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem with a single tool for visibility and control of your workloads so you can deliver continuous data under constant change as part of modern data integration.

StreamSets is proud to be an AWS Data & Analytics Competency holder and Advanced Technology Partner. That means StreamSets has proven our technology and customer success with AWS. StreamSets provides native integration with AWS Linux 2, Redshift, Kinesis, S3, and EMR. StreamSets’ smart data pipelines detect and handle change to prevent data loss and corruption in your data warehouse, data lake, and reports.

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Cloud-native Integration On AWS
No code, visual interface
Automate serving clean data sets
Build real-time data streams

Native Integrations to Amazon Web Services

Power your AWS data projects with rapid data integration and transformations.

Cloud Native Integration For Amazon Kinesis
Cloud Native Integration To Amazon S3
Cloud Native Integration To Amazon RDS
AWS Amazon EMR
Cloud Native Integration To Amazon Redshift
Cloud Native Integration To Elasticsearch

Native Execution

Deploy StreamSets on AWS EC2 and execute natively on data processing platforms on AWS

  • AWS EC2 Instances
  • AWS Elastic MapReduce (EMR)
  • Databricks on AWS
  • AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
StreamSets On AWS Marketplace

Accelerate these AWS Use Cases

Cloud Native Integration To Migrate From On-premises To AWS

Migrate from On-prem to AWS

Simplify your migration to AWS and keep your environments in sync using StreamSets’ pre-built connectivity to 100s of data sources, powerful data transformation, change data capture (CDC), and an operations console to view all data movement.

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Cloud Native Integration To Move Any Data Into Redshift

Move Any Data into Redshift

StreamSets provides a single, easy-to-use platform to integrate unstructured, semi-structured, and multi-structured data to Redshift, using both synchronous and asynchronous ingestion methods. 

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Cloud Native Integration For Databricks And Snowflake On AWS

Extend to Databricks and Snowflake

Leverage Databricks UAP and Delta Lake or setup a data warehouse and data marts with Snowflake. Streamsets manages the data into S3 where users can load into Redshift, EMR, and more to perform analytics, ETL, and data science. Connect those services to platforms hosted on AWS.

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Power of AWS without the Complexity

Detect and Respond to Data Drift

Traditional data pipelines break when the unexpected happens, and they are hard to move to new data processing and cloud platforms without complex refactoring. Only StreamSets DataOps Platform features smart data pipelines with built-in data drift detection and handling, and a hybrid cloud architecture, so that your operations run smoothly despite constant change.

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Manage Data Drift With Cloud Native Integration For AWS

Design-Deploy-Operate Continuously

In a static data world, up-front developer productivity matters more than operations. In a continuous data world, operations is everything. StreamSets runs natively in AWS so you can design, deploy, and operate your pipelines all in the cloud. StreamSets monitors data in flight to detect changes and predicts downstream issues to ensure continuous data delivery without errors or data loss as part of your modern data integration solution.

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Design-deploy-operate With Cloud Native Integration To AWS

Go Fast and Be Confident

When your business moves fast on a traditional architecture, things break. But when you take your time, you fall behind. StreamSets DataOps Platform on AWS gives you end-to-end transparency across your data infrastructure, so you can detect emergent patterns and designs. 

Case Study: RingCentral AWS Data Lake
Go Fast And Be Confident In Cloud Native Integration To AWS

Ready to Get Started?

We’re here to help you start building pipelines or see the platform in action.

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