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StreamSets for Cloudera

Deliver continuous data for machine learning and advanced analytics in your Cloudera Data Hub pipeline

Simplify and Speed Data Ingestion to Cloudera

If you understand the logistic flow of data, you can build a data pipeline to Data Hub with StreamSets. Power your advanced analytics, machine learning, and ETL using a visual user interface to connect 100s of data sources to your Cloudera Data Hub cluster for comprehensive, large-scale analytics

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Cloudera data hub pipelines
Build smart data pipelines for streaming and batch data without hand coding
Analyze real-time data for predictive analytics with plug-in TensorFlow models
Securely detect, encrypt and mask sensitive data in motion

Native Integrations with Cloudera

Accelerate your advanced analytics on Cloudera with rapid data integration.

HIve and Cloudera Data Hub pipelines
Kudu and Cloudera data hub pipelines
Apache Spark and Cloudera data hub pipelines
Impala and Cloudera data hub pipelines
Couchbase and Cloudera data hub pipelines
Hadoop HDFS and Cloudera data hub pipelines

Uncover Value in Big Data with Cloudera

Detect and Respond to Data Drift

No other technology lets you get rapid value from your Data Hub. Only StreamSets Data Platform features smart data pipelines with built-in data drift detection and handling. Support for brokers like Kafka and Flume helps users get better reliability from open source engines. 

Detect and respond to data drift in Cloudera data hub pipelines

Design for Batch, Streaming, and CDC

No need to design complex architectures. The StreamSets Data Platform helps you design ETL and stream processing jobs with a single design experience and execute in any engine in the Cloudera ecosystem. StreamSets helps users execute on the best engine for the job while giving visibility to all data movement across your clusters and connected data systems.

batch and streaming cloudera data hub pipelines

Harness the Power of Apache Spark, Minus the Complexity

StreamSets helps you rapidly build Apache Spark applications and ETL processes to deploy on your Data Hub. StreamSets also allows users to build self-service machine learning pipelines, deploy them into production, and monitor their health and performance as you scale. 

Apache Spark without Complexity on your Data Hub

Ready to Get Started?

We’re here to help you start building pipelines or see the platform in action.

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