StreamSets DataOps Platform

Agile Data Integration for Big and Fast Data

DataOps for Agile Data Movement

DataOps empowers enterprises to create continuous data movement architectures that iterate in response to changes to data sources, infrastructure and analytics requirements.

It overcomes the brittleness of traditional data integration tools, which were designed when data movement was simple and static. Today’s fluid world requires a platform that supports agility.

Build and Operate Dataflows

The StreamSets DataOps Platform helps you build and operate many-to-many data movement architectures. Developers design pipelines with a minimum of code, and operators get high reliability, end-to-end live metrics, SLA-based performance and in-stream data protection.

Open Source Data Movement

Data Collector

Design and execute data pipelines.

Data Collector Edge

Ultralight data ingestion for edge systems.

Enterprise DataOps Management

Control Hub

Develop, deploy and maintain multi-pipeline topologies.

Dataflow Performance Manager

End-to-end visibility and Data SLAs.

Data Protector

Detect and secure sensitive data “in-flight”.

Key Platform Features

Many-to-Many Data Movement

  • On-premise clusters and systems
  • Cloud platforms
  • IOT devices and edge systems

Automation & Monitoring

  • Automated provisioning and scale up
  • CI/CD framework for agility
  • Live metrics: end-to-end or point-in-flow
  • SLAs for data availability, quality and privacy

Intelligent Pipelines

  • Pipelines instrumented at every point.
  • Detect and handle schema changes.
  • Manage privacy of sensitive data.
Supercharge your Architecture with DataOps
Conquering Dataflow Chaos with Data Operations

Let your data flow

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