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Customer Story

Pineywoods Tech: Enhanced Operational Efficiency

pineywoods streamline legal data flow
Pineywoods Tech
Pineywoods turned to StreamSets to help the law firm streamline data flows, reduce processing time, and improve data quality. This allowed the law firm to focus on what’s important - their customers.


An established law firm in Texas representing thousands of claimants in lawsuits across the nation in areas such as personal injury, offshore injury, plant accidents, semi-truck accidents, industrial accidents, and medical injuries reached out to Pineywoods Tech for help. The law firm needed to not only migrate their existing case management system data into a more modern system, they also needed customized workflows that greatly increased the law firm’s efficiencies while keeping customer data confidential.

Pineywoods Tech turned to the StreamSets platform as a solution to serve a dual purpose—eliminate manual data migrations for the Pineywoods Tech team, and automate record orders, communications, appointment scheduling, and file sharing for the client.

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