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Simplifying Data Transformations in Snowflake for Analytics

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"The long term impact is big. We can now provide effective data transformations and data models to the business and empower more business uses for analytics. And the analytics are more timely and reliable."

– Hima Chintalapati, Chief of Staff, StreamSets


StreamSets was transitioning from an open source infrastructure to the cloud and faced several challenges in our data integration and analytics processes. StreamSets decided to transition to the Snowflake Data Cloud for its flexibility, scalability, efficiency, and self-service capabilities. 

With Snowflake and StreamSets Data Collector, Software AG, and StreamSets Transformer for Snowflake for data integration and transformation, the Analytics team overcame their challenges and met analytics goals.

Learn more about this pivotal step in StreamSets’ journey to data-driven growth, leveraging actionable insights and establishing agility across the business.

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How to Simplify Complex Data Transformations in the Snowflake Data Cloud

Simplify complex data transformations in Snowflake using StreamSets Transformer for Snowflake.
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