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DataOps Summit 2021 On Demand

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Accelerating Digital Transformation through DataOps

Arvind Prabhakar, CTO (StreamSets)33:10

Shell: Delivering AI at Enterprise Scale

Dan Jeavons, General Manager of Data Science25:08

GSK: Creating a Modern DataOps Environment to Drive Analytics

Mark Ramsey, PhD, Former Chief Data & Analytics Officer30:14

DataOps Practitioners Panel

Trifacta: Joe Hellerstein, Waterline Data: Alex Gorelik, Proact Digital: John Schmidt, Cloudera: Amr Awadallah, Booz Allen Hamilton: Sandeep Dorawala, StreamSets: Shekhar Iyer35:19

DataOps Fueling Data Science, Fireside Chat with Databricks CEO

Ali Ghodsi, CEO & Co-Founder28:11

Slack: Testing and Monitoring Machine Learning Pipelines

Josh Wills, Director of Data Engineering21:56

Humana: Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Anne-Britton Arnett, VP, Information Management and Analytics; Phani Konduru, Chief Enterprise Architect25:11

DataOps Practitioners Panel: Embarking on the DataOps journey

GSK: Mark Ramsey, Humana: Anne-Britton Arnett and Phani Konduru, Solera: John Felahi, RBS: Dileep Pournami, StreamSets: Shekhar Iyer27:16

DataOps: Go Fast and Be Confident

Girish Pancha, CEO (StreamSets)22:58

Booz Allen Hamilton: DataOps – Buzz Word or Buzzworthy?

Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist and Executive44:01

Waterline Data: Data Lake – Foundational Technology for DataOps

Alex Gorelik26:03

YaloChat: How to Design and Implement a DataOps Architecture with SDC and GCP

Joseph Arriola, Senior Data Engineer 47:24

Talent Fulfilled: Why Code When You Can Click!

Jeff Jennings, CEO 32:50

Uber: How to Scale Real-Time Data Infrastructure to Multi-PB Per Day

George Teo, Senior Software Engineer33:29

Uptake Technologies: Integrating StreamSets Data Collector Into Our Data Pipeline

Cosmin Stroe, Staff Software Engineer36:54

Redis + Spark Structured Streaming: A Perfect Combination to Scale-Out Your Continuous Applications

Dave Nielsen, Head Of Ecosystems Programs, Redis Labs40:28

Google: Functional Programming for Data Engineers

James Ward, Developer Advocate 47:25

Databricks: Moving to Delta Lake, the New Standard for Data Lakes

Nauman Fakhar, Director, ISV Solutions, and Prasad Kona, Solution Architect45:10

DataOps Summit 2019 Gallery

DataOps Summit 2021 On Demand

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