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Webinar Modern Data Architecture Lessons

Modern Data Architecture Lessons from the Trenches

Keith Gaputis, @ Axis Group; Levi Bailey, @ Humana; Rich Simon, @ Axis Group26:39
Webinar Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Anne-Britton Arnett, VP Integrated Data Engineering Advancement @ Humana; Phani Konduru, CTO & VP Digital Health & Innovation @ Humana
webinar multi cloud data engineering platforming

Multi Cloud Data Engineering Platforming with StreamSets

Anirban Chakraborty, AWS & Google Cloud Certified Architect @ TATA Consultancy; Terry Dhariwal, Founder & CTO @ Cleverbits.io31:25
webinar logistics performance data tracking

Logistics Performance Tracking Using Data Moving at Different Speeds

Sushil Vishwanathan, GM Technology @ Rubicon Red27:21
Webinar Future of DataOps

The Future of DataOps

Girish Pancha, Co-founder and CEO (StreamSets)22:56
Webinar DataOps Myth Busting

DataOps Myth Busting

Arvind Prabhakar, Co-founder and CTO @ StreamSets38:56
Webinar StreamSets for Snowpark

A First Look – StreamSets for Snowpark

Anthony Gatti Senior Product Manager @ StreamSets; Torsten Grabs Director of Product Management @ Snowflake23:35
Webinar 1st Schema Data

From 1st Schema Then Data To 1st Data Then Schema

Chris Messina, Head of West Coast Business Development @ Republic; Thierry Cruanes, Co-founder & CTO @ Snowflake31:46
Webinar Insights Platform for Analytics (IPA)

Insights Platform for Analytics (IPA)

Saleem Pothiwala, Operations Lead - Customer Insights @ DNB26:11
StreamSets Product Roadmap

Product Roadmap – What’s Ahead for StreamSets

Raji Narayanan, VP of Product Management @ StreamSets22:51
webinar ci-cd streamsets pipeline

CI-CD for StreamSets Pipelines

Kirti Velankar, Principal Software Engineer @ StreamSets23:03
Webinar Data Design Patterns for Message Based Integration

Design Patterns for Message-Based Integration

Mark Brooks, Solution Engineer @ StreamSets24:53
Webinar Building Data Platform Model Experimentation

Building a Data Platform for Model Experimentation

Banjo Obayomi, Sr. Research Engineer @ Two Six Labs20:56
Webinar Complexity Chaos and Control Data Contradictions and Governance

Complexity, Chaos, and Control – Contradictions and Convergence

Judy Ko, Chief Product Officer @ StreamSets; Sanjeev Mohan, Former Gartner Research VP analyst and Founder @ SanjMo; Alistair Croll, Founder @ Solve For Interesting30:10
Webinar Activity Schema Data Modeling With Single Table

Introducing the Activity Schema – data modeling with a single table

Ahmed Elsamadisi, CEO & Co-founder @ Narrator.ai23:21
webinar apache kafka flink streaming data pipelines

Apache Kafka and Flink – Stateful Streaming Data Pipelines made easy with SQL

Francesco Tisiot, Developer Advocate @ Aiven20:21
Webinar License for UX

License for UX

Naveen Siddareddy, Data Architect @ PlayStation22:51
Webinar Intel and StreamSets Drive Faster AI and Analytics

How Intel and StreamSets Drive Faster AI and Analytics

Shekhar Iyer @ StreamSets; Jeremy Rader @ Intel25:48
Webinar Emergent Patterns in Technology

Emergent Patterns in Technology

Amy Heineike, VP Engineering EMEA @ Primer AI, Dr. Theresa Johnson, AI Investor, Data Scientist and Product Leader, Simon Wardley, Inventor of Wardley Mapping 34:12
Webinar Enrich Conversational Data with StreamSets and TensorFlow

Enrich conversational data with StreamSets and TensorFlow on GCP

Joseph Arriola, Senior Data Manager @ Yalo Chat24:47
Webinar Tackling Data Challenges MLOps

Tackling Data Challenges for a realtime MLOps platform

Andrea Spina, CTO @ Radicalbit.io22:39
Webinar Smart Data Pipelines for Azure Migration

Smart Pipelines for Smart Meters The Key to a Successful Azure Migration

George Barrett, Solutions Engineer @ SME Solutions Group, Inc; Ron Katzman, VP Strategy & Operations @ SME Solutions Group, Inc.23:31
webinar operationalizing machine learning

Operationalizing Machine Learning What are We Doing Wrong

Jordan Volz; Director of Field Engineering @ Continual.ai21:05
Super Charged DataOps Webinar

Super-Charged DataOps

Terry Dhariwal, Founder & CO @ Cleverbits.io30:59
Resilient DataOps Architecture Webinar

Resilient DataOps Architecture

Pankaj Mittal, Specialist Leader, Analytics + Cognitive @ Deloitte; Tami Frankenfield, Managing Director, Analytics + Cognitive @ Deloitte24:09
Webinar Meta Means Everything in DataOps

Why meta should mean everything to us in DataOps

Thomas Vanhove, Founder & CEO @ Tengu.io20:15
webinar 5 quick wins to bring order to your data chaos

5 Quick Wins to Bring Order to Your Data Chaos

Olivia Hinkle, Senior Product Marketing Manager @ Validity21:57
Webinar Importance of Data Lineage DataOps

The Importance of Data Lineage for your DataOps Practices

Ernie Ostic, SVP of Products @ Manta15:08
webinar scalable deep learning data pipelines in the cloud

Building Scalable End-to-end Deep Learning Pipelines in the Cloud

Rustem Feyzkhanov, Sr. Machine Learning Engineer @ Instrumental23:07
webinar who is controlling your data pipeline

Separation of Concerns – Who is Controlling Your Pipeline

Ronald Petty, Principal Consultant @ RX-M26:22
Webinar How Minds Change Navigating a Misinformation Laden World

How Minds Change A Guide to Navigating a Misinformation-laden World

David McRaney, Science journalist and best selling author, podcaster and lecturer32:40
Webinar DataOps for New Data Stack

DataOps for the New Data Stack

Shivnath Babu, CTO and Co-founder @ Unravel24:00
Webinar Implementing DataSecOps Accelerated Cloud Migration

Implementing DataSecOps for Accelerated Cloud Migration with Privacera & StreamSets

Zeashan Pappa, Senior Solution Architect @ Privacera21:51
Webinar Regulation Driven Data Architecture

Regulation Driven Architectures

Miklos Szegedi, CEO @ Schmied Enterprises LLC22:25

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