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StreamSets Data Collector on GCP Marketplace

Build fast big data ingestion pipelines to move any data to Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

Get Data Collector from the GCP Marketplace

Go directly to StreamSets Data Collector on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

Or search for StreamSets Data Collector

Launch StreamSets Data Collector

Simplify Databricks On AWS Marketplace With StreamSets

Native Integrations to GCP

Increase your productivity on GCP with rapid data ingestion and native integrations.

Move Any Data To Google Cloud Storage
Move Any Data To Google Cloud Bigtable
Move Any Data To Google Cloud Pub/Sub
Move Any Data To Google BigQuery
Move Any Data To Google Cloud SQL

How We Can Help

CDC From MySQL To Delta Lake

Enable Real-time Machine Learning with TensorFlow

Use StreamSets Data Collector on GCP to build data pipelines that ingest data/features and generate predictions within an environment.

Ingest Salesforce Data Into Delta Lake

Build Your Data Warehouse in the Cloud

Ingest data from databases, streams, and event processing directly into your cloud data warehouse, without complex schema design or hand coding.

Design Patterns For Slowly Changing Data

Move Any Data to Google BigQuery

Integrate unstructured, semi-structured, and multi-structured data to BigQuery, using both synchronous and asynchronous ingestion methods.

Deploy Data Collector on GCP in Minutes

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