Day: January 23, 2019

Snowflake + StreamSets: DataOps Accelerating Cloud Adoption

StreamSets is proud to announce their new partnership with Snowflake and the general availability release of StreamSets for Snowflake. As enterprises move more of their big data workloads to the cloud, it becomes imperative that Data Operations are more resilient and adaptive to continue to serve the business’s needs. This is why StreamSets has partnered with […]

How to Bulk Load Amazon RedShift from Relational Databases with StreamSets

Overview You have options when bulk loading data into RedShift from relational database (RDBMS) sources.  These options include manual processes or using one of the numerous hosted as-a-service options. But, if you have broader requirements than simply importing, you need another option.  Your company may have requirements such as adhering to enterprise security policies which […]

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