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5 Examples of Data Fabric Architecture in Action

By September 20, 2022

In the business world today, a single customer may interact with businesses at various touchpoints. Their data may span multiple locations like hybrid cloud environments, databases, CRM systems, and web and mobile applications. Managing and accessing these data for business…

Data Wrangling for Machine Learning

By August 16, 2022

One can imagine the catastrophe of using inaccurate machine learning models in business – accidents, investment losses, and erroneous analysis. However, because the use cases for machine learning algorithms are numerous and can be positively and negatively impactful, a lot…

The Role of ETL in Data Integration

By May 5, 2022

The relationship of data to today’s modern enterprise is becoming more sophisticated. As data sources continue to increase and data formats continue to evolve, ETL and its place in modern data integration are also changing. What was once a simple…

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