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Announcing Data Collector v2.7.0.0

This release has been superseded by version Please upgrade to v2.7.1.0 at the earliest. We are happy to release version of StreamSets Data Collector. You can download the latest open source release here. This release has 134 new features and improvements and over160 bug fixes. For a full list, see What’s New. For […]

Scaling out StreamSets with Kubernetes

UPDATE – Since this blog post was written, StreamSets Control Hub added a Control Agent for Kubernetes that supports creating and managing Data Collector deployments and a Pipeline Designer that allows designing pipelines without having to install Data Collectors. This blog entry has full details: Using StreamSets Control Hub for Scalable Deployment via Kubernetes. In today’s microservice […]

Cache Salesforce Data in Redis with StreamSets Data Collector

Redis is an open-source, in-memory, NoSQL database implementing a networked key-value store with optional persistence to disk. Perhaps the most popular key-value database, Redis is widely used for caching web pages, sessions and other objects that require blazingly fast access – lookups are typically in the millisecond range. At RedisConf 2017 I presented a session, Cache All The Things! […]

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