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Microsoft SQL Server Replication: Change Tracking in Action

Use Cases

There are a couple of different approaches to SQL Server replication. I’ve always taken the common approach, one you’re likely very familiar with, Change Data Capture (CDC). In fact, I’ve written guides on CDC replication of other databases using StreamSets and how we do it with Microsoft SQL Server is very similar. However, about a year ago I heard about…

By June 21, 2022

Gain More Value Out of Streaming Data with Reusable Connectors

Use Cases

No one can argue the value streaming data provides for an organization. From analyzing data while in motion, it’s no surprise that data-driven organizations are incorporating it into their overall data processes to help identify business strategies that work and those that don’t. As a result, the streaming analytics market has a projected growth of USD 191.72 billion and a…

By June 16, 2022

Driving Innovation in the Data Cloud: StreamSets Announces General Availability of Transformer for Snowflake

Uncategorized, Industry, StreamSets News

Convergence is a beautiful thing, when two forces that were traditionally at odds begin to coexist and complement to create something unique. For so many years the rift between the reliable and useful confines of SQL and the complete control of advanced order coding was a forcible design choice. For companies where standard SQL was working, there remained hesitation to…

By June 14, 2022

Snowpark UDFs: Transform Your Data More Efficiently with Python

Use Cases

You may be taking an interest in Snowpark UDFs as a way to take full advantage of the power of your Snowflake Data Cloud. You’re not alone. Companies are always looking for new ways to get more out of their existing investments, simplify and standardize on technologies that can help them scale and support company growth. No matter what stage…

Kavya Nagarajan By June 10, 2022

How to Think About Data Warehouse Design


Data warehouses facilitate an extremely valuable aspect of every modern business: data analytics. And like every aspect of the modern business, technological evolution has made today’s data warehouse a sophisticated, streamlined operation, allowing organizations to achieve incredible results from data analysis initiatives. But as organizations plan data warehouse initiatives, they’ll quickly find that each data warehouse is going to be…

Brenna Buuck By June 1, 2022
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