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The Convergence of Data and Application Integration Is Here


Over the past 20 years the relationship between hardware, software and data has changed dramatically. The consequences for your business have too. The simplicity of hardware, software, and a tiny sliver of data in the middle, contained within a single system in a large box, is unrecognizable by today’s paradigm.  Those changes began around 2000, as we entered the era…

Software AG and StreamSets: Stronger Together for Our Customers

StreamSets News

At first glance, it’s an unlikely pairing: a 53-year-old German company and a youthful California startup. But when the two of us first got together to discuss a possible joint future, the opportunities for synergy were clear. It was the height of the Texas summer—a neutral ground of sorts for a European application integration pioneer and a West Coast whiz…

Scott Little Software AG Rowan Scranage VP of Global Sales By and April 19, 2022

The Next Chapter for StreamSets

StreamSets News

Arvind Prabhakar and I co-founded StreamSets in 2014 with an audacious vision: data should be the lifeblood of the enterprise. Not just gathered in warehouses and lakes, but to drive the next advances in digital transformation with operationalized data analytics. That vision was hindered by a new reality – the constant and accelerating pace of change in data platforms, structures…

By April 19, 2022

Snowflake Key Pair Authentication: A How-To Article

Use Cases

It’s no secret that security is top of mind for every business executive and technology leader today. This is one of the most common topics in my calls with new users as a Trial Success Engineer, and with the rising popularity of Snowflake in the StreamSets customer base, I thought it would be useful to cover one of the most…

Kavya Nagarajan By April 13, 2022

Data Warehouse vs. Database

Engineering, Use Cases

People and machines create an unfathomable amount of data every day. It enables businesses to operate efficiently and understand where their business is moving. But without proper management and solid architectural design practices, valuable data soon becomes lost or unusable. Databases and data warehouses are critical to a data management architecture that ensures this doesn’t happen. The Difference Between Databases…

By April 12, 2022
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