StreamSets Data Protector™

Discover, secure and govern sensitive data in motion.

To aid compliance with GDPR, HIPAA and other regulations, StreamSets Data Protector discovers and secures sensitive data “in-flight”, as it arrives from a source or moves between compute platforms.

Challenges with Securing Sensitive Data

  • Scanning Data at Rest is “After the Fact”

    Most solutions operate on the data store which is after the sensitive asset has been retained, often in the clear and perhaps already shared.

  • No One Regulation to Rule Them All

    Multiple regulations have conflicting requirements. Push detection and protection upstream for robust detection policies and greater flexibility.

  • Endless Pipeline Maintenance

    Sources appear by surprise, and many are unstructured and subject to data drift. This breaks pipelines and creates protection gaps.

Discover Sensitive Data, Match Hundreds of Patterns

  • Easily build PII monitoring into StreamSets pipelines.

  • Continuously scan structured and unstructured data.

  • Test against numerous built-in patterns or create your own.

Secure Data through a Variety of Operations

  • Obfuscate data using reversible and irreversible algorithms.

  • Generalize and de-identify data to still allow useful analysis.

  • Integrate with leading metadata catalogs for data at rest.

Govern through Enterprise Policies

  • Build rules by department, user type and data type.

  • Define Security Zones for varying levels of access.

  • Utilize audit reports to monitor compliance.

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