StreamSets Dataflow Performance Manager (DPM™)

Operate dataflow pipelines with confidence.

StreamSets Dataflow Performance Manager is the last mile in operational visibility for data in motion for your business. It brings insight into and control how data is flowing at any point in time so you can operate your data architecture with confidence.

Challenges with Operating Dataflow Architectures at Scale

  • Data is strategic; so disruption is deadly.

    As data grows in importance, it’s critical to deliver it when and where it’s needed and avoid disruption. This requires an operational approach, not “set and forget”.

  • Being reactive creates failures.

    Constantly reacting to problems ensure failures, downtime and constant fire-fighting. You must stay one step ahead of the operational integrity of your dataflows.

  • Change is constant.

    New sources, stores and evolving needs requires a improved approach to manage the data architecture.

Live Metrics for Dataflow Topologies

  • End-to-end metrics for an entire architecture.

  • Identify hotspots and performance issues.

  • Live data architecture shows how systems evolve.

Point-in-flow KPIs for Data Availability and Accuracy

  • Historical view of dataflow metrics, at any point in the pipeline.

  • View changes over time, and detect possible problems in pipelines or the architecture.

Detect and Remediate Violations to Support Data SLAs

  • Configure SLAs for a range of requirements.

  • Set parameters for throughput and error rate.

  • Triggers for SLA exceptions.

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