Dataflow Performance Manager

Map, measure and master
your dataflow operations.

Visibility and control over end-to-end dataflows within a single pane of glass.

Today’s applications depend on uninterrupted delivery of timely and trustworthy data, but current approaches for managing data movement deprive operators of much needed visibility and hands-on control. The result is operational blindness. When a data flow slows, stops or skews, it is difficult to detect, diagnose and fix. Data teams scramble to pinpoint problems and the business suffers from delayed, lost and polluted data as well as crippled applications and business processes.

StreamSets Dataflow Performance Manager (DPM) lets enterprises harness their data in motion. It unifies visibility and control of end-to-end batch and streaming dataflows through a Living Data Map and Data SLAs for accuracy and availability.  It can run on a cloud service hosted by StreamSets, in your virtual private cloud (VPC) or even on-premises.


Map dataflows to topologies, manage releases & track changes.

  • Living Data Map

    Watch your data architecture evolve over time. Institute a disciplined approach to change management.

  • Dataflow Lineage

    Capture, organize, display and interact with your end-to-end data flow topologies.  Gather fine-grained data lineage and provenance for every data record.


Measure KPIs and establish baselines for data availability and accuracy.

  • Any Path

    Compute KPIs for a single system, between two points, or end-to-end.

  • Any Time

    View current status or snapshot and compare metrics for sliding or absolute time windows.


Master dataflow operations through Data SLAs.

  • Manage Dataflow Performance

    Set Data SLAs for data throughput, travel time and error rates. Ensure data-centric applications are getting timely and trustworthy data.

  • Proactive Remediation

    Get early warning of trouble spots through alerts and “traffic light” dashboards. Drill down to diagnose and take immediate action.

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