Disciplined Management of Dataflow Architectures.

Collaborative development, automated deployment, scalable execution and governance of multi-pipeline topologies.

StreamSets Control Hub

For enterprises that desire a disciplined approach to managing multi-pipeline dataflows, Control Hub provides a cloud-native environment for design, deployment, monitoring and maintenance of data movement architectures.

Challenges with Managing Pipelines at Scale

Coordinating pipeline design across teams

Disparate development teams make it difficult to manage pipelines without duplicating effort and diverging from best practices.

Deploying and controlling anywhere

As pipelines grow in number and importance, managing them regardless of where they are—on-premises, cloud or edge—becomes a daunting task.

Complying with regulations

It’s difficult to gain architecture-wide visibility into data movement—where data comes from, where it’s going, and who is interacting with it.

Take Control of Your Data Movement

Cloud-based collaborative pipeline design with a shared repository

  • Build robust dataflow pipelines via an easy-to-use cloud-native application.
  • Test pipelines wherever execution happens—in the cloud, on premises, or at the edge.
  • Controlled publish and version management, including rollback.

Automate pipeline deployment

  • Automated deployment and provisioning.
  • Automatically deploy pipelines created in Data Collector or Data Collector Edge.
  • Scale pipelines via YARN, Mesos or Kubernetes.

End-to-end lineage and support for data governance

  • Metadata collection and visibility across the architecture.
  • Pushdown integration with Cloudera Navigator™ and Apache Atlas™.
  • Metadata exposed for use in 3rd-party systems.

Architecture wide visibility and control

  • Tag pipelines to dataflow topologies for end-to-end live visibility.
  • Get real-time metrics for throughput, latency and error rates.
  • Integrates with StreamSets DPM™ for historical comparisons and Data SLAs.

Let your data flow

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