StreamSets Control HubTM

Collaborative development, automated deployment, scalable execution and real-time monitoring of data integration topologies.

Disciplined Management of Dataflow Architectures

Control Hub provides a cloud-native environment for disciplined life-cycle management of multi-pipeline data movement architectures.


Cloud-native Control Plane

Manage all of your pipelines from a single point. Use the StreamSets cloud or deploy into a VPC or on-premises.

Collaborative Pipeline Designer

Drag-and-drop sources, transformations and destinations to build, test and deploy data flows. No hand coding.

Pipeline Repository

Release management, version control and rollback. Tag inter-related pipelines to create topologies.

Reusable Pipeline Fragments

Create reusable blocks of dataflow logic to support best practices or corporate standards.

High Availability

Enable pipeline failover in order to minimize downtime and ensure continuous operation.

Data Protection

Implement policies to redact, hide or quarantine PII and other sensitive data at the point of data ingestion.

Live Topology Map

Visualize dataflows. Monitor real-time performance and data health end-to-end or point-to-point.  Export full metadata via API.

Data Drift Synchronization

Detect new fields and type changes and have them automatically update downstream data stores as new columns, tables and partitions.

Data SLAs

Set Data SLAs for pipeline throughput, latency, error rates and other key metrics. Set alerts and other automated actions.

100+ Ready-to-Use Origins and Destinations

No coding required


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