StreamSets Control Hub™

Disciplined management of your dataflow architectures.

Collaborative development, automated deployment, scalable execution and governance of batch and streaming pipelines.

Challenges with managing pipelines at scale

  • Hard to coordinate efforts across teams

    As development teams grow, it’s difficult to manage pipelines across multiple teams and stakeholders.

  • Deploying and controlling pipelines at scale

    As pipelines grow in number and importance, managing them regardless of where they are—on-premises, cloud or edge—becomes a daunting task.

  • Risk exposure from regulation and compliance

    Need architecture wide visibility into data movement—where it came from, where it’s going to, and who is interacting with it.

Cloud-based collaborative pipeline design with shared repository

  • Build robust dataflow pipelines via an easy-to-use cloud service.

  • Test pipelines wherever execution happens—on cloud, on edge or on prem.

  • Controlled publish and version management including rollback.

  • Tag pipelines to dataflow topologies for end-to-end live visibility.

Automate pipeline deployment

  • Automated deployment and provisioning.

  • Automatically deploy pipelines created in SDC or SDC Edge.

  • Deploy and scale pipelines via Kubernetes.

End-to-end lineage and support for data governance

  • Metadata collection and visibility across the architecture.

  • Store metadata at any point in a dataflow.

  • Pushdown integration with Cloudera Navigator™ and Apache Atlas™.

  • Metadata exposed for use in 3rd-party systems.

Architecture wide visibility and control

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