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Ask StreamSets: Questions and Answers for the StreamSets Community

By Posted in StreamSets News September 6, 2017

Ask StreamSetsIt’s fair to say that most developers are familiar with Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network of question and answer sites. Q&A sites such as Stack Overflow serve communities of users focused around a particular topic or discipline – in the case of Stack Overflow, programming. Today, we’re launching Ask StreamSets, a Q&A site for the StreamSets community.

Ask StreamSets allows you to search, ask, and answer questions on StreamSets products, currently StreamSets Data Collector and StreamSets Dataflow Performance Manager. As a Q&A site, the focus is squarely on problem-solving, rather than open-ended discussion — “no fluff, just stuff”, as the saying goes. Users vote on each others’ questions and answers, assigning reputation points, or karma to the posters, so good content bubbles to the top, it’s easy to find the help you need, and active users are recognized by their high karma.

Watch the following video to see how it works:


There’s also an FAQ and help that explain more about the mechanics of posting, voting and karma.

StreamSets Community Channels

Ask StreamSets complements the StreamSets community Slack channel and sdc-user Google Group by serving as a public, community, knowledge base. The Slack channel is a great place to interact in real-time with the StreamSets community for free-ranging discussion, while sdc-user offers similar functionality via a more traditional, email-based interface. Feel free to ask questions in whichever channel works best for you; we’ll redirect you to Ask StreamSets when your issue seems like a general question that could help the community, just as we currently send you to the issue tracker when it’s a bug or a missing feature in the product.

Note that all of the community channels, including Ask StreamSets, are provided as open forums for the StreamSets open source community. Customers with standard and enterprise subscriptions are welcome to participate in the community, but any issues in production should be taken to the official support channel.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seeded the site with questions and answers so you can get a feel for how it works straight away. Go ahead, sign up at Ask StreamSets, and enjoy this new community resource.

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