Simple, High-Performance Dataflows into Snowflake

Streaming & batch ingest plus change data capture (CDC) for Snowflake. Includes in-line data transformations, automatic table creation and multi-table inserts. Get end-to-end monitoring, alerts and in-stream data protection.

Tame Snowflake with StreamSets

As analytics moves to the cloud, a fast and scalable cloud data warehouse is essential. Snowflake is the first cloud-native data warehouse, letting you spin up data marts and democratize analytics across your business.

StreamSets for Snowflake simplifies building and operating data pipelines from myriad on-prem and cloud data sources into Snowflake. It makes data engineers more productive and delivers continuous visibility and control over data availability, integrity and privacy.

Snowflake Data Ingestion Challenges

The Curse of Specialized Tools

Snowflake is a powerful service that can handle a variety of data types. While there are myriad tools available for Snowflake ingestion, these point solutions require specialized skills and limitations. As data sources grow in number, a proliferation of tools creates additional work and technical debt.

Lack of Visibility and Control

Sending data to cloud platforms can be an act of faith, as many tools aren't instrumented to monitor for complete and accurate data delivery. Lack of monitoring also impacts enforcement of data protection rules such as GDPR and HIPAA.

Handing Frequent Dataflow Changes

Frequent change plagues the modern world of big data, unstructured data, and streaming data. Fields are added, semantics are altered and consumption requirements evolve. This unending change is called data drift and breaks data pipelines and pollutes data.

Integrating Snowflake into Your Data Architecture

Snowflake is one of a growing number of systems that constitute a modern data architecture, including big data stores, search engines, streaming analytics platforms and more. Solving for each platform individually leads to a hodgepodge of tools and insufficient management control.

StreamSets Brings Modern Data Integration for Snowflake

Create at-scale data pipelines for Snowflake from batch and streaming data sources residing on-premises or across public clouds. Ensure data availability, quality and protection while mitigating data drift.

Simple to Build, Rich Transformations

    • No schema specification speeds pipeline design and makes pipelines resilient to schema changes.
    • Dozens of built-in transformations so you can land the data ready for analysis.
    • Build, preview and execute pipelines through an integrated visual UI.
    • Automatic multi-table creation for batch uploads.
    • Automatic column and table creation to manage complex evolving fields.
    • One tool for all pipelines covering numerous on-prem and cloud data source types.
    • Change data capture (CDC) for major relational databases.

High Performance: Async or Sync, for Data of all Types

  • Sync and async ingestion methods supported.
  • Integration with Snowpipe for continuous loading.
  • Unique approach streamlines the handling of unstructured, semi-structured and multi-structured data.
  • Detection and rule-based handling of changes to data structure or semantics (data drift).

DataOps Monitoring Across Your Hybrid Cloud Architecture

    • Visual interactive data architecture map for problem ID, drill down and resolution.
    • Real-time data and flow metrics, point-to-point or end-to-end.
    • Data SLAs for data availability, quality and protection.
    • Data privacy: policy-based detection and handling (blocking, redaction) of sensitive data.
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