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Write for StreamSets

Why Join the Write for Us Program

We don’t think about our blog as a marketing channel, but rather a publication where developers, data engineers, and industry professionals can learn more about emerging trends, find how-tos, and any content that makes their jobs and careers better.  Join the Write for Us program to share your success story and/or use case, your unique technical expertise and get paid.

Give Back

Provide useful content for readers’ everyday work & careers.

Get Paid

Get paid for your contributions.

Gain Recognition

Reach a relevant audience for personal branding.


  • Theme of content should align with a success story/use case on our product.
  • Posts should be 100% unique content and not posted elsewhere online.
  • Posts should be a minimum of 700 words in length.
  • Author Bio: Include author name, bio under 100 words in length, and headshot at bottom of post.
  • Linking – Include up to 2 external links to support guest author. Links must be to credible websites.
    • Optional links to include: LinkedIn profile, Github, other articles written, company website
  • Helpful items to include in guest post are:
    • Subheaders
    • Images and screenshots
    • Compelling story with a challenge/pain point and how StreamSets helped solved
    • Bulleted and ordered lists
    • Statistics and/or metrics
    • External links to authoritative cites to help support referenced data points and/or quotes 
    • Actionable takeaways for reader

So, How Does it Work?

Submit Your Proposal
You can create a proposal based on our Guidelines. Submit your proposal using the form on this page when you’re ready.

Review Your Proposal
We will review the proposal and you will be notified if it’s accepted within 2 weeks of submission.

Begin Writing
Follow the guidelines detailed above.

Get Paid
Once your post is approved and published, get paid.

Submit Your Proposal

Frequently Asked Questions

$250 per published post.

Yes to both! Please review our Guidelines.

StreamSets will claim the post as our own after it is published on our blog. The post cannot be published anywhere else.

The post must be approved by the StreamSets team to get paid. Approval is based on fit for our blog, unique content, and lack of spam-like tactics throughout your content. StreamSets has the right to reject any post for any reason.

Absolutely. There is no limit. But, keep in mind, you won’t be paid until the post is published.

Join our Community. Connect with data engineers to learn, share best practices, and expand your skills. 

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