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Join Us at the First Annual DataOps Summit

By Posted in Data Integration March 14, 2019

DataOps Summit SF

NOTE: DataOps Summit 2019 is available on demand.

StreamSets is proud to be hosting the first annual DataOps Summit in San

Francisco, California at the Hilton San Francisco Financial District on September 3rd-5th. The summit will feature a full day of data operations training and two days of comprehensive content featuring major brands, high-scale use cases, ecosystem partners, and community heroes. Keynote discussions will feature data luminaries from companies like Humana, Snowflake, Ericsson and GSK explaining how they built a discipline of DataOps and a culture that reaps the benefits. The only thing missing is you, which is why I hope you will join me by registering today or submitting to speak.

What is DataOps?

DataOps is the notion of bringing DevOps to data. It is a set of practices and technologies that combine the development and continuous operation of data movement architectures, independent of the underlying data sources and processing systems. DataOps solves problems that manifest with managing data movement at scale (i.e. data drift, stream processing, and edge computing). DataOps moves beyond traditional approaches to designing, deploying, and operating data pipelines as siloed activities and applies repeatable, agile practices to data delivery. DataOps is critical for business initiatives like Customer 360, IoT, and Cybersecurity. That is why many companies are putting into practice a DataOps mentality to keep their teams resilient to changes in a fast moving ecosystem.

Who Should Come?

Do you depend on data? Data delivery and data movement are key to making analytics a reality. DataOps requires participation from developers, data engineers, data scientists, architects, analytics leaders, business intelligence teams, and database professionals. It involves database systems, big data platforms, NoSQL, and tools like Apache Kafka and Apache Spark. It is a cross-functional discipline that can dramatically accelerate data product development. But don’t take our word for it. Join the conversation and hear directly from users and open-source community members.


DataOps Use Case Track

The DataOps Use Case Track will feature overviews of innovative use case patterns, scalable data products, and transformative agile operations. You will hear from the heros on the frontline of building a DataOps culture and see how they turned technology into business advantage across a wide variety of brands and industries.

Data Engineering Track

The Data Engineering Track will feature best-practices for the design and implementation of data pipelines and in-line transformations. You will learn how data professionals are tackling ingestion and data movement challenges with solutions like Apache Kafka and Apache Spark. You will learn how users are designing change data capture (CDC) from common RDBMS sources and developing solutions for dealing with data drift.  

Architect Track

The Architect Track will provide a discussion about the infrastructure and solutions that support data pipelining at scale. You will hear how companies have built and managed millions of pipelines and instrumented their environments with security, alerting, and SLA’s. You will see how companies are leveraging cloud services and technologies like Kubernetes to design lean architectures while preserving performance and optimizing spend.

Navigate between tracks and sessions with a summit pass. Interested in speaking? Submit your ideas today.


StreamSets is offering a full day of training that will enable you to build, deploy, operate, and monitor data pipelines using common open-source tools.  The training will cover fundamentals, scaling, monitoring, HA configuration, cloud services integration, and data transformation. Requirements for the training include a personal laptop and general familiarity with cloud-based applications. Join us for a full day of training that will leave you with an enhanced understanding of data movement and related tools.

Community Awards

At the summit we will be honoring the best and brightest in the community, these are users that bring the knowledge, new ideas and, most important, engagement, that is shaping the future of pipeline design and data transformation. We will honor these community members in a collective ceremony kicking off day two of the event. To learn more about the StreamSets community visit our community page and get involved.

How to Find Out More

Want to learn more about the DataOps summit? Visit our conference webpage, read the press release, or contact us today.

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