DataOps: The Modern Practice for Continuous Data

Analytics has modernized in our always-on, always-changing world. How you deliver data to drive analytics has to modernize, too. The practice of DataOps is designed to harness the speed, fragmentation and pace of change of data in today’s world. By architecting your processes, technology and organization to deliver data continuously, you can go faster, with confidence.

Data Movement as a Continuous Process

DataOps is a set of practices and technologies that operationalizes data management and integration to ensure resiliency and agility despite ceaseless change. It combines the DevOps principles of end-to-end automation and monitoring with the ability to tame data drift (unexpected and undocumented changes to data). By embedding these principles, DataOps powers continuous data flows independent of the underlying data sources and processing platforms.

DataOps: Saying Yes, Without the Tradeoffs

Traditional approaches to integrating data force you to choose being going fast or being confident, because they assume a static environment. Without DataOps, if you try to go fast, things break; to ensure things don’t break, you lose speed and fall behind. 

With DataOps, because it is designed as a continuous process, you don’t have to trade off speed and confidence. Instead you can say yes to both.

A New Approach Requires New Technology

DataOps is more than just technology – people and process are critical to the practice. But DataOps is simply not possible without a modern technology foundation. This includes a platform for continuous data integration where smart data pipelines can be designed, deployed, operated, and adapted on an ongoing basis. With end-to-end automation, built-in drift-handling, cross-team collaboration, continuous monitoring, and pervasive policy enforcement, a DataOps platform is the technical lynchpin to making DataOps a reality.

StreamSets: A Platform for DataOps Success

StreamSets has built the industry’s first DataOps platform for data integration, enabling companies to design and operate the continuous data flows that are core to DataOps.

The StreamSets DataOps Platform simplifies how you design, deploy, operate and protect enterprise data movement architectures so you can go fast. But it also maps and monitors dataflows for end-to-end visibility, and enforces Data SLAs for availability, quality and privacy, so you can deliver with confidence.


Say Yes Without the Tradeoffs

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