DataOps to Handle Modern Complexity and Change

To handle both the exploding data supply chain and the data drift that accompanies it, a modern approach to data movement is required. In the same way the need for daily and then hourly upgrades to online applications forced a shift from waterfall to an agile, DevOps approach, the complexity and urgency around data necessitates re-orientation to an emerging approach known as DataOps.

Data Movement as a Continuous Process

DataOps is simply “DevOps for data”, a set of practices and technologies that integrate the development and operation of data movement architectures into a continuous process independent of the underlying data sources and processing systems. In a world demanding immediately consumable data but plagued by constant change and data drift, the traditional approach of designing, deploying and operating data pipelines as siloed activities is expensive and risky. In fact, it is a non-starter.

DataOps: Cross-Platform, Collaborative and Agile

DataOps offers these key improvements over traditional approaches

  • A cross-platform data movement layer for end-to-end operational visibility and control over performance.
  • Collaborative development and implementation of data movement to speed time to value, reduce costs, maximize reuse, enforce best practices and reduce pipeline defects.
  • The agility to respond to frequent changes in sources, infrastructure or analytics requirements as well as accompanying data drift.

A New Approach Requires New Technology

DataOps take us from a world of artisanal data pipelines to an automated and modern data factory. It helps you speed the time to set up data production lines, enforce quality control and adapt as pipeline “inputs”, “equipment” or “output features” change.

To implement DataOps effectively you need a technology platform that can implement the data movement layer in support of the key tenets of the methodology, such as collaboration, automation, cross-platform execution and continuous performance monitoring. StreamSets built it’s platform to help make DataOps an enterprise reality.

StreamSets: A Platform for DataOps Success

StreamSets has built an innovative platform that enables any company to implement DataOps so that they can create modern data architectures in the face of increased complexity, urgency and fluidity.

The StreamSets DataOps Platform simplifies how to build, execute, operate and protect enterprise data movement architectures. It empowers enterprises to create and manage continuous data movement across a complex data supply chain and iterate pipelines in response to changes to data sources, infrastructure and analytics requirements.


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