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StreamSets Transformer

Leverage the power of Apache Spark for ETL and machine learning

Massive Processing Power without the Complexity

Turn big data into insights throughout your organization with the power of Apache Spark. StreamSets Transformer is a modern transformation engine inside the DataOps Platform, designed for any user to build data transformations for modern sources, on any Spark cluster. 

Execute massive ETL and machine learning processing without Scala or Python skills

Act fast with a single interface to design, test, and deploy Spark applications

Superior visibility into Spark execution with drift and error handling

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Screenshot Of RDS To Snowflake On Databricks Pipeline Design For Apache Spark


Run Apache Spark anywhere now and in the future as your needs evolve.

Hadoop HDFS Apache Spark For ETL Processing
MapR Apache Spark For ETL Processing
Databricks Apache Spark For ETL Processing
Amazon EMR Apache Spark For ETL Processing
Microsoft SQL Server Big Data Clusters Apache Spark For ETL Processing
Oracle Apache Spark For ETL Processing

Operationalize Your Data Transformations

Simplify Apache Spark For ETL For Everyone

Simplify Apache Spark for Everyone

The power and scale of Spark is no longer reserved for data engineers with specialized skills. A visual development interface gives every developer access to rich transformation tools for large scale ETL and real-time machine learning use cases to design data processing to execute on any Spark Cluster.

Watch: Introducing StreamSets Transformer

Get Unparalleled Visibility into Apache Spark Execution

Stop hunting through log files and error strings, and focus on always on alerts. StreamSets Transformer lets you monitor Apache Spark applications in real-time plus you get built-in drift detection and handling. Bring the agility and scale of Apache Spark and deliver it with the confidence and visibility of DataOps. 

Watch: StreamSets Transformer + Control Hub
Visibility Into Apache Spark Executions
Adopt Apache Spark For ETL And Machine Learning

Go Fast and Innovate

StreamSets operationalizes the data value chain so you can go fast while ensuring continuous operations. The Streamsets DataOps Platform helps you quickly adopt powerful engines like Apache Spark, so that you can accomplish more, and take advantage of modern data technologies to focus on business innovations.

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