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Customer 360


Across virtually every industry, companies are in a competitive scramble to collect, connect and analyze as much data as they can about customers, so they can deliver the best possible experience, highly-tailored products and “next best offer” promotions and tailored pricing.


Customer information is scattered across a variety of sources including sales, customer service, social media, website and 3rd-party enrichment. Delivering this mix of batch, streaming, structured and unstructured data for analytics is a nightmare when you have to hand code pipelines. Slow delivery of new sources ensues, and often, valuable developers get tied down to maintaining these projects over the long haul.

Our Solution

StreamSets Control Hub brings together diverse data to help you gain an intimate understanding of your customer. Its collaborative drag-and-drop UI makes it easy to build, test, deploy and maintain a customer data movement architecture. It maps all data paths and provides real-time metrics. Additionally, DPM lets you enforce Data SLAs for timely and complete data delivery. Lastly, Data Protector discovers and redacts PII en route.

How Cox Automotive Built a Self-Service Data Exchange
DataOps for Customer 360

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