Apply Big Data to Threat Detection

Ingest from new data sources like network systems and endpoints to detect advanced persistent threats and improve forensics.
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Cybercrime is on the rise, and will become a $6 trillion (USD) problem by 2021. Streaming data presents an opportunity for combating cyber threats by using new sources such as logs from security systems, network servers and Windows endpoints to better detect threats and attacks.


Preventing and reacting to advanced persistent threats (APTs) using big data can be hindered by the variability of unstructured data and the level of effort it takes to ingest it and blend it with structured datasets. Architectural complexity and the fact the data sources are always changing compound the problem. Log shipping solutions often used for this purpose can be difficult to use and brittle in the face of change.

Our Solution

Multiple Fortune 1000 companies use StreamSets to bring new data into their cybersecurity application continuously from network, endpoint and security systems. Cybersecurity dataflows linking these sources to Kafka, Hadoop and other systems are quickly designed, tested deployed and monitored by Control Hub while either Data Collector or the ultra lightweight Data Collector Edge performs the dataflow movement including transformations, filtering and routing.

Ingest Data into Splunk with StreamSets Data Collector
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