Ingestion Pipelines Built in Hours Not Weeks

Design batch and streaming flows into your data lake with a minimum of code. Centrally manage groups of pipelines as dataflow topologies, with live metrics and Data SLAs.
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Data Lake


Consolidating your siloed data in a single data lake is critical if your mission is to be truly data-driven, but in many cases, the mere process of ingesting data into platforms like Apache Hadoop™ stands in the way.


Data lake ingestion usually requires custom coding and specialized skills, translating to high costs and lengthy projects that delay getting data to data scientists and applications. Also, frequent changes to pipelines means constant rework, often requiring more effort and expense than the original dataflow design.

Our Solution

StreamSets DataOps Platform simplifies data lake ingestion. Design and run batch and streaming pipelines in a fraction of the time using a cloud-native drag-and-drop environment that minimizes coding and facilitates collaboration. Detect and handle data drift such as added fields or changed data types. Continuously monitor pipelines for dataflow performance and data health.

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