Drive Pervasive Intelligence with a DataOps Platform

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Data Leader

Digital transformation can quickly become an exercise in strategic data management, ensuring that the maximum amount of data is made available to be exploited across the business in a cost-effective and agile yet well-governed manner.

StreamSets built it’s DataOps platform to help enterprises manage and govern the entirety of their data movement in a disciplined fashion, from building dataflow logic efficiently to operating it reliably and at scale.

Intelligence Isn’t Just for BI

Exploiting data to create competitive advantage is the name of the game. It is incumbent upon enterprise data leaders to provide the technical foundation for their companies to ensure that all useful data is available to all potential users in a timely and well-governed manner.

We call this need to deploy data to the far reaches of the organization pervasive intelligence. In contrast to the centralized world of business intelligence, pervasive intelligence takes as a given the decentralization of analytics and the democratization of analytic skills.

Modern Data Movement

Requires Agility

Pervasive intelligence requires a data movement architecture that reliably gets consumption-ready data to a wide variety of users, with the flexibility to support a variety of changing source data and infrastructure types.

The challenge is to create a platform for data movement whereby new pipelines can be designed and deployed quickly, scaled automatically, and monitored for performance. The system must also enable agility so that dataflows can be quickly updated when requirements or technologies change.

Embrace DataOps to

Pave the Way

to Pervasive Intelligence

The key to mastering continuous dataflows and overcoming data supply chain challenges is to embrace DataOps. In the same way that DevOps tools and processes enable the continuous delivery of applications, DataOps allows enterprises to create reliable and continuous data movement architectures that frequently iterate in response to changes in infrastructure, upstream data providers, and analytics requirements.

A Platform For

Modern Data Movement

StreamSets has built the industry’s first DataOps platform, enabling enterprises to develop and operate dataflow topologies that reach across edge devices, data center platforms and multiple clouds. Our platform lets enterprises:

  • Build dataflows 10 times faster with 1/10 the resource
  • Move data continuously with end-to-end visibility and control
  • Enforce dataflow performance through Data SLAs
  • Iterate pipelines and topologies through a central hub
StreamSets and GSK – Freeing Data for Drug Discovery
Why StreamSets

Let your data flow

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