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Data Integration for Data Lakes

Power your modern analytics with continuous data ingestion and ETL at scale

You Need Data Now, Not Later

Modern analytics, data science, AI, machine learning…your analysts, data scientists and business innovators are ready to change the world. If you can’t deliver the data they need, faster and with confidence, they’ll find a way around you. (They probably already have.) That is why many companies are migrating data into cloud data lakes for more centralized access and control.

The challenge to the provisioning of continuous data is the unexpected, unannounced, and unending changes to data that constantly disrupt dataflow. That’s data drift, and it’s the reason why, sometimes when you go fast, things break. But when you take your time, you fall behind.  

The StreamSets DataOps Advantage

StreamSets offers a powerful, yet simple DataOps Platform to speed data integration for data lakes using  smart data pipelines for continous data ingestion and ETL pipelines that execute on Apache Spark. 

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Data Integration For Data Lakes And Data Warehouses
Design data processing and enrichment flows with a no code, visual interface
Automate serving clean data sets that are fully drift aware
Build real-time data streams for analyzing events and proactive analytics

Try StreamSets Data Collector

Design and run data pipelines in minutes with an easy-to-use modern execution engine and 100+ pre-built connectors

How It Works

Rapid Data Ingestion

StreamSets Data Collector delivers the right data the right way into your data lake or data store. Drag-and-drop from a rich library of connectors and components in support of a variety of dataflow patterns for fast data ingestion:

  • Streaming data ingestion
  • Change data capture
  • Bulk data loading
  • Micro-batch integration
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Rapid Data Ingestion To Data Lakes And Data Warehouses

Powerful Data Transformation

StreamSets Transformer provides Apache Spark-native transformation and data processing for ETL and machine learning workloads, all without needing to hand code. Aggregate, standardize, and cleanse data during integration or in a data lake or other raw data storage. 

Turbocharge Your Data Lake on AWS
Powerful Data Transformation For Data Lakes And Data Warehouses

Operationalize and Scale Data Pipelines

StreamSets Control Hub gives you one place to monitor and manage all your pipelines, regardless of design pattern or where the workload is being executed. Sleep easy at night with end-to-end real-time dashboards into data flows across your enterprise, enforceable data performance SLAs, and security policies for your data in motion.

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Operationalize And Scale Data Pipelines For Data Lakes And Data Warehouses

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