Flow Data Reliably from Connected Edge Devices

Stream data to and from IoT devices, trigger edge analytics, and enable predictive maintenance.
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Internet of Things


IoT is revolutionizing numerous industries, using data generated by heavy machinery, connected cars, industrial controls and smartphones. The Internet of Things (IoT) offers a treasure trove of insights – but only if you can get the data to the point of analysis.


The diversity of devices create a number of dataflow challenges. IoT standards are still emerging, meaning frequent changes to pipeline designs. Many IoT devices are resource constrained, meaning solutions for them must have a small footprint. Lastly, IoT and edge analytics go hand in hand, so a data movement solution must trigger local jobs and offer 2-way communication.

Our Solution

Data Collector Edge lets you build and operate continuous ingestion pipelines for IoT endpoints. It deploys in <5 MB, has wide protocol support, 2-way communications and can trigger edge analytics within dataflow pipelines.


MapR StreamSets Factory IoT Demo


Getting Started with StreamSets Data Controller Edge

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