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Regulated Data In-Stream

Augment your data protection solution by discovering and redacting PII, PHI and other sensitive data as it flows in and before it is stored and shared.
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PII Compliance


Data has become increasingly unstructured and diverse. New sources are brought in by disparate business units and sharing of data has become more prolific. In addition, HIPAA, GDPR and the recent Facebook fiasco guarantee an increasingly unforgiving regulatory environment when it comes to the use and management of personal data.


Inspecting, detection and acting on personally identifiable information (PII) in stream is almost impossible to hand code and relying on solutions focused on data at rest leaves you exposed to non-compliance, fines and brand damage. Yet the business must analyze the data to remain competitive, leading to a complex governance challenge.

Our Solution

StreamSets Data Protector discovers, protects and governs sensitive data in stream. It provides centralized management based on Security Zones so that different users groups get different views of the data (hidden, redacted, in the clear) based on their rights and the data policy. Data Protector can detect PII based on a large number of standard or custom templates and can apply many obfustication and routing actions to the data.

Monitoring and Protecting Data in Kafka

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