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Streaming Applications


Ninety percent of organizations are investing in streaming data and applications. They strive to move from historical to descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. Use cases run the gamut, from fraud detection to network and clickstream monitoring to digital advertising performance.


Apache Kafka™, Apache Spark™ Streaming, Amazon Kinesis, Flink, …. Given the fragmented streaming market, focusing data movement around one streaming platform risks obsolescence and rework, but designing for all exposes gaps in skills and resources. Creating ingestion logic for each alternative using their various native ingestion frameworks requires lengthy ramp up times and specialized skills, and leads to drawn out projects.

Our Solution

StreamSets accelerates the adoption of streaming platforms by providing technology-independent data ingestion. This allows enterprises to mix and match streaming technologies by leveraging StreamSets as an independent data movement layer. StreamSets simplifies the development, test and production of dataflows across streaming platforms with the added benefit of operational oversight of dataflow performance and data protection for PII.

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