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Availity: Accelerate Care with Self-service Data

StreamSets Customer - Availity
“Without StreamSets we’re spending a lot of money on specialized skills and tools. With StreamSets we’re streamlined and moving forward.”
Jeff Currier, Director of Data Management and Analytics, AvailityWatch Now

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Providers Connected

4 billion

Transactions per year


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Delivering Continuous Data in Real-time

The largest health information network in the US, Availity facilitates over 4 billion clinical, administrative, and financial transactions annually, offering healthcare plans and providers streamlined workflows, an intuitive user experience, and critical insights.

Building a DataOps culture is core to their ability to deliver continuous data in real-time for advanced analytics and self-service data. StreamSets Data Collector allows Availity to break down components of data flow pipelines into micro services and then watch or tweak performance at a granular level. StreamSets Control Hub provides visibility and end-to-end control over all pipelines.

StreamSets gives Availity’s data engineers the ability to quickly build data pipelines and use the latest technologies without special skills. A self-service repository is helping to build a DataOps culture where data engineers develop and test data pipelines against best practices.

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