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StreamSets Data Collector Edge

Quickly integrate IoT, logs, and web sources into your analytics with data forwarding

Lightweight Engine for Edge Data Ingestion

As smart devices proliferate, provisioning thousands of edge pipelines gets complicated fast. This ultralight execution engine in the DataOps Platform is purpose-built for data forwarding and log shipping to keep data flowing with push-down analytics along the way.

Execute production data pipelines in minutes without hand coding

Trigger advanced analytics and machine learning

Easily handle data drift with built-in detection and rule-based remediation

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Data Forwarding Screenshot: Oracle CDC To MapR Streams Pipeline Design


100+ connectors get your pipelines up and running fast without special skills.

Optimize Your Edge Data Flows

Run Data Forwarding Engine Anywhere

Data Forwarding from Anywhere

Traditional tools quickly overwhelm edge devices with limited memory, processing power, and connectivity. StreamSets Data Collector Edge is an open source engine with a super small footprint and utilizes < 2% of CPU.

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Say Goodbye to Broken Dataflows

As edge data pipelines proliferate, managing data drift becomes nearly impossible. StreamSets data pipelines are designed to detect and handle change, built-in smart sensors automatically detect and correct data drift based on your rules. 

Watch: Managing Data in Motion
Manage Data Forwarding Pipelines To Correct Data Drift
Enterprise Control For Data Forwarding

Enterprise Control in a Lightweight Tool

Because StreamSets separates the control functions from the execution engine, you get the benefits of an enterprise Control Hub with the light weight of an edge tool. Supports filter, route, and execute expressions, light transformations and bi-directional data.

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Recipes for Success: How to Build Continuous Ingest Pipelines

Recipes for Success: How to Build Continuous Ingest Pipelines

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Data Sheet & Briefs

StreamSets Data Collector Edge Data Sheet

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