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StreamSets Data Collector

Easily move data between any source and destination with fast data ingestion

Fast Data Ingestion Pipelines

Meet the demand for more data, new use cases, and new technology integrations without hand coding. StreamSets Data Collector is an open source execution engine for fast data ingestion and light transformations that you can start using today.

Execute smart data pipelines for streaming and batch data without hand coding

Monitor data in flight with fully instrumented data pipelines

Easily handle data drift with built-in detection and rule-based remediation

StreamSets Data Collector Screenshot Shows Fast Data Ingestion Pipelines

Try StreamSets Data Collector

Design and run data pipelines in minutes with an easy-to-use modern execution engine and 100+ pre-built connectors.

What Our Customers Say

“Without StreamSets we’re spending a lot of money on specialized skills and tools. With StreamSets we’re streamlined and moving forward.”

Jeff Currier, Director of Data Management and Analytics, Availity

“GSK has more than 10,000 scientists who need access to millions of diverse data elements, from genome sequences to experiment, clinical trial, and even insurance claim data. With StreamSets, we were able to deploy a million pipelines for thousands of data sources.”

Mark Ramsey, former Chief Data & Analytics Officer, GSK


100+ connectors get your pipelines up and running fast without special skills.

Fast Data Ingestion For Amazon Web Services
Fast Data Ingestion For Cloudera
Fast Data Ingestion For Microsoft Azure
Fast Data Ingestion For Oracle
Fast Data Ingestion For Salesforce
Fast Data Ingestion For Redis

Operationalize Your Data Flows

Data Collector: Pipelines Designed For Change

Design the Easy Way

Quickly design pipelines for new data, new use cases and connect to new technologies in minutes using StreamSets Data Collector. Drag and drop pre-built connectors between a variety of sources and destinations. 

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Say Goodbye to Broken Dataflows

Traditional data pipelines break when change happens, resulting in data loss and corruption. StreamSets data pipelines are designed to detect and handle change. Minimal schema specification means maximum agility, and built-in smart sensors automatically detect and correct data drift based on your rules.

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Handle Data Drift
Go Fast And Innovate With StreamSets Data Collector

Go Fast and Innovate

StreamSets operationalizes the full data flow lifecycle so you can go fast while ensuring continuous operations. That means you can accomplish more, adapt to change more easily, and take advantage of modern data technologies to focus on your business innovations.

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