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pipelines in minutes.

Efficiently design, test and execute dataflow pipelines for data lake and multi-cloud data movement plus cybersecurity, IoT and customer 360 applications

StreamSets Data Collector

Thousands of companies use the open source award-winning StreamSets Data Collector to efficiently build, test, run and maintain dataflow pipelines connecting a variety of batch and streaming data sources and compute platforms. Data Collector pipelines require minimal schema specification and uniquely detect and handle data drift.

Data Collection Challenges with Building Robust Dataflow Pipelines

Custom Coding

Hand-coding ingest pipelines fails at scale and not everyone can write custom code.

Lengthy Development

Build to test to production takes far too long, delaying data delivery to your stakeholders.

Brittle Pipelines

Pipelines are hard-wired but require frequent change, causing many iterations and failures.

Build Pipelines in Hours not Weeks

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Quickly Build Self-Healing Dataflow Pipelines

  • Drag-and-drop connectors for batch and streaming sources and destinations.
  • Minimal schema specification speeds development.
  • Smart sensors detect and correct data drift detection automatically.

Lightweight Transformation for Consumption-Ready Data

  • Leverage dozens of built-in processors or design your own.
  • Trigger custom code when needed.
  • Identify and handle personal data (PII) as it arrives.

Intelligent Monitoring and Error Detection

  • Pinpoint problems using fine-grained metrics.
  • Proactive error detection using triggers and alerts.
  • Inspect data at any point along a pipeline.

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