Ultralight data ingestion at the edge.

The StreamSets Data Collector Edge enables at-scale data ingestion and analytics for IoT and cybersecurity edge systems in an ultralight, small-footprint agent.

StreamSets Data Collector Edge

Huge populations of digital systems demand a new approach to data ingestion. Data Collector Edge provides a fit-for-purpose edge solution to support initiatives such as IoT and cybersecurity.

Challenges with Edge Data Ingestion

Limited Memory, CPU and Connectivity

Traditional tools are too resource-intensive and overwhelm edge devices.

Unexpected Changes (Data Drift) Extend Development Cycles

Hard-wired pipelines are brittle, causing many iterations and failures when data changes.

Difficult to Provision and Operate at Scale

Live management of thousands of edge pipelines is a Herculean effort, and hinders gaining data-driven insights.

Data Ingestion Optimized for the Edge

Ultralight Agent Runs Anywhere

  • Less than 5MB footprint.
  • Utilizes 1-2% of CPU.
  • Apache licensed open source binary.

One Solution Across Platforms and Protocols

  • Built in Go—portable across Android, Windows, Linux, iOS and more.
  • Supports leading messaging protocols including HTTP, MQTT, CoAP, and WebSockets.

Rich Functions in a Tiny Package

  • Filter, route and execute expressions.
  • Detect and handle data drift.
  • At-least once and at-most once guarantees.
  • Multiple pipelines per agent.
  • Bidirectional support.
  • Trigger advanced analytics and ML.

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